Schwarz Logistik – Warehouse logistics

Warehouse logistics

Schwarz Logistik GmbH has extensive warehouse capacity in an ideal location (high rack, cold storage, open customs warehouse) and provides all services required for modern, efficient warehouse management on site at your company or in our warehouses.

Flexible capacity in favourable location

As production times become increasingly tighter and more flexible, while the flow of goods involves greater complexity, coupled with falling on-site warehouse space, modern, effective and cost-saving warehouse management gains significance.

Schwarz Logistik GmbH provides you with a wide range of flexible options for mastering peaks or bottlenecks, for outsourcing parts of your warehouse or entrusting your entire warehouse management to a dependable partner: we have our own high-rack pallet warehouse, cold storage and open customs warehouse with direct access to Nuremberg airport and 3 motorways in all directions. If required, we can manage your entire warehouse logistics at our site or locally, at your company.

Our warehouse logistics services in detail:
  • Own extensive warehouse capacity with direct access to main transport routes in Nuremberg: totally approx. 12,500 m2 with approx. 16,200 pallet storage spaces in high racks
  • This total capacity includes chilled/temperature-controlled storage (temperature range: +4 to +18 °C): approx. 6,000 m2 with approx. 15,200 pallet rack spaces
  • Own open customs warehouse (approx. 2,000 m2)
  • Modern warehouse management and order picking in own warehouse
  • Warehouse logistics and order picking on site at your company