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Hops Logistics

Schwarz Logistik is one of the leading logistics providers for hops and hop raw products. We work for virtually all major producers and have done so for many years in most cases.

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Top logistics - top standards

With a production of approx. 30,000 tonnes a year, Germany is the largest producer of hops and hop raw materials in the world exceeding the USA and China. The quality of this important raw material, used for making beer and foodstuffs, in the medical sector and for the clothing and paper industries, is of decisive significance.

Hops producers in Germany and hop processing companies throughout the world demand exceptionally high standard and quality assurance systems throughout the entire production, storage and transportation processes. Our long experience and extensive knowledge in this field has earned Schwarz Logistik GmbH an outstanding reputation in the transport and logistics sector, so that nearly every major producer in this field relies on our services.

Our hops logistics services in detail:
  • National and international transport of raw hops and finished hop products
    (as dried or cooled transport)
  • Warehouse logistics on site or in our warehouses
  • Intermediate storage of hop products in cold storage warehouse
  • Intermediate storage of hop products in open customs warehouse
  • Supply logistics for imports
  • Container processing for sea and rail transport (standard and cold storage container)
  • Sea freight and airfreight