Hops Logistics – Worldwide

Schwarz Logistik is one of the leading logistics providers for hops and hop raw products. We work for virtually all major producers and have done so for many years in most cases.

International hops logistics

Schwarz Logistik - Your Expert in Hops Logistics

At roughly 30,000 tonnes per year, Germany is the largest producer of hops and hops raw materials in the world, ahead of the USA and China. The quality of this key raw material, which is used in beer and foodstuff production, in medicine and in the clothing and paper industries, is of decisive importance across multiple disciplines.

Hops producers and their associated processing companies (both in Germany and around the world) therefore stipulate extremely high requirements in terms of quality assurance – across the entire production, storage and transport chain. Thanks to our many years of experience and extensive specialist knowledge in this field, Schwarz Logistik GmbH has gained an excellent reputation when it comes to the transport of (and associated logistical operations for) hops products.

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Hops Logistics in the USA / North America

In addition to Germany and the EU, there is also a critical focus on import operations (mainly of aroma hops) from the USA, Canada and Mexico, as well as the export of hops products to these countries. Thanks to the long-term cooperation in place with our partners, we enjoy a reliable network at local level, which we are able to expand at a steady rate and thus also offer intra-American transport as well as worldwide imports and exports from and to the USA.

Hops Logistics in the USA
Hops logistics in the USA / North America.

Our Hops Logistics Services in Detail

  • Transportation

    • National & international
    • Raw hops and finished hop products
      (as dried or cooled transport)
    • Satellite-monitored, state-of-the-art thermal vehicles
  • Storage & Warehouse Logistics

    • At your company premises or in our storage area
    • Intermediate storage in our temperature-controlled storage areas
    • Open Customs Warehouse (OCW)
  • Supply Logistics

    from Germany and abroad

  • Value Added Services

    • Picking, labelling, the assembling of sets ...
  • Container Handling

    • For sea and rail transport
    • Standard and refrigerated containers
  • Sea & Air Freight

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Whether you are a hops producer, hops trader, brewery or processing company - feel free to benefit from our extensive expertise, our many years of experience and our industry knowledge. We can support you with our tailor-made logistics solutions - both within the EU and worldwide.