Ecology & Sustainability

Protecting our environment is a critically important issue to us, especially in logistics. We are committed to maintaining a sustainable, resource-conserving approach when it comes to the environment.

We take Responsibility for the Issues of Sustainability and Environmental Protection

We make every effort to protect the environment and ensure the respectful use of resources across every discipline. Therefore, all our trucks in use comply with the Euro 6 standard to reduce both emissions and noise. Simultaneously, we are in the process to use only trucks with modern telematics, which among other things helps to keep fuel consumption as low as possible. In addition, the drivers receive regular training on efficient and ecological driving techniques. At our warehouses, we pay close attention to the issue of energy-saving lighting and the deployment of modern, energy-efficient refrigeration technology. In addition, electric forklifts are also in use. Our goal is to render ecologically responsible logistics services and to remain open to new developments and opportunities as they materialise – both for the environment and for future generations.

That is What We Care For

  • State-of-the-art Euro 6 standard trucks to reduce CO2 emissions and noise
  • State-of-the-art trucks to ensure efficient driving, e.g. a shutdown device kicks in when the truck is at a standstill (no idling engines)
  • Telematics system for securing cargo, but also to control and optimise fuel consumption
  • The avoidance of empty runs
  • The best possible utilisation of cargo space
  • Modern refrigeration technology in refrigerated vehicles
  • Driver training to ensure economic and ecologically-sensitive driving operations
  • Use of electric forklift trucks